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Riverbank Development - Creative Hoarding

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Client - Festival Plaza



As a part of the Adelaide Riverbank development Mash was engaged to develop creative hoarding; something that served as more than just a barrier to a constructions site. The brief was to create hoarding to catch the eye and bring excitement, granting permission for the general public to see what was going on behind the hoarding and eluding to the finished result. At three key areas Mash not only created visual drawcards, but also innovative levels of interaction. The example featured here uses playful, eye bending, pattern work to draw passers-by into a telescopic vintage view-finder. The sort of thing you might find at a 1980's national park lookout. As the user peers through the the view-finder the user sees 3D renders of the completed site. A sneak peak into the future. As the view-finder is turned the imagery reacts, turning and changing perspective as if the 3D renders are magically there in real life.

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