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Argo Collateral

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Client - Argo at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong



Mash was approached by Four Seasons Hong Kong to create a brand ID, name and collateral items for a new high end bar offering. After creative development and workshopping the final chosen name was 'Argo', steeped in Greek mythology, Argo was the ship Jason and the 'Argonauts' sailed from Lolcos to Colchis, on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece (a symbol of leadership and authority). In this way Argo is the “ship” on a quest for kingship and claim on the territory of the worlds most innovative collection of spirits and cocktails. The team revel in unfamiliar flavours, considered collaborations and extraordinary spirits. Mash created a brand ID with 3D created flower imagery from a vibrant land yet to be discovered. Logo-type was developed, simple and elegant to compliment the brand imagery. A set of collateral items were designed including cocktail menu, VIP gift box and fold out take home cocktail list. Digital assets were also designed in the form of flower animations and social post templates.

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