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Client - Alpha Box & Dice



Alpha Box & Dice loveable rogues, wine evangelists, and a disruptive Mash brand success story. Branding, naming, packaging design and cellar door interior design done by Mash. We conceptualised the world's first and only alphabet of wine (we think), artistry of the grape, 26 letters, 26 stories, where each label creation represents a letter of the Alphabet. Some letters created in-house and others conceptualised by Mash and outsourced to amazing artists to execute. Mash has been lucky enough to win a number of design and branding awards for AB&D creations including a Yellow Pencil at the London D&AD Awards for 'C' Changing Lanes. An in-house Mash concept and creation where mug shots of the 2 wine makers seemingly change from one face to the other using Lenticular material for the label. A representation of blending 2 wines together from 2 wine makers, from 2 appellations.

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