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80 Rays & Golden Love

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Client - Wine Fella's



More dreamy packaging work for natural wine brand Wine Fella's in the Napa Valley. Two more wines to add to the range, namely Eighty Rays & Golden Love. Packaging design, creative direction and naming by Mash. Continuing with the unexpected art led concept to capture the attention and imagination of the customer. Shelf presence that begs for a closer look and a longing to have curiosity quenched. 1980's art brush advertising inspired the 'Eighty Rays' concept with an original art piece being commissioned and directed by Mash. For 'Golden Love' photographic image making took flight. The concept, create a golden human figure and then redefine the way this could be viewed. An analogy with the puzzle that is natural wine making, less intervention but more human care and craft to create something beautiful. Photography by Sam Roberts, Retouching and design by Mash.

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