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Client - Eden Rift



Eden Rift - Named in the Wine & Spirits Top 100 wineries for 2022, an amazing achievement for such a young brand. We are super chuffed to have been a small part of the puzzle, helping our client achieve this and other milestones of success. Rewind a  few short years - The Eden Rift Founder decided to engage Mash to develop a start-up brand after acquiring a unique and historical vineyard in the Gavilan Mountains, California. With the task set to add a contemporary spark to a forgotten relic, Mash created a scalable series of packaging designs. Simple geometric shapes representing the mountainous landscape, a departure from the traditional 'estate sketch' to communicate a revitalised new chapter for the vineyards. Not just quality wine in a bottle, Eden Rift is a destination winery, so packaging needed to give a sense of place; to spark the conversation about the winery, it's enchanting location and the opportunity to visit.

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